In the spirit of NAIDOC week: It’s time to engage
9 July 2013
DCA encourages corporates to consider the importance of engaging effectively on NAIDOC week. More
What to expect when you’re expecting ... Discrimination?
26 June 2013
The Australian Human Rights Commission has been asked by the Australian Government to undertake research into the prevalence and nature of discrimination against employees who are pregnant and people returning to work after parental leave. More
Harnessing cultural diversity: can business afford not to?
6 June 2013
Cultural diversity can provide businesses with many benefits but some organisations have yet to fully capitalise on them. Diversity Council Australia talks about the advantages and why its Capitalising on Culture research is so important to business. More
Racism prevents real reconciliation
30 May 2013
This Reconciliation Week, Diversity Council Australia urged more discussion on identifying and tackling racism to achieve real reconciliation. More
It's time to harness the talents of Australia’s older female workforce
23 May 2013
Diversity Council Australia research released today found that older women (defined as 45 years plus) represent a sizeable and growing segment of the labour force but Australian organisations are failing to fully harness their skills and talents. More
DCA members win top LGBTI-inclusion awards
21 May 2013
Pride In Diversity announced the results of its annual Workplace Equality Index that benchmarked LGBTI inclusiveness in Australian workplaces. DCA congratulated the winners. More
DCA's Vice Chair wins Women of Style Award
17 May 2013
DCA's Vice Chair, Sam Mostyn, this week won a 2013 Women of Style Award in the business category. More
This Mother’s Day, ask how care aware your workplace is
10 May 2013
Statistics show that the demands on 21st Century mothers are ever increasing as more are struggling to combine paid work, parenting, caring for older family members and being active members of their communities. More
Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion on 21 May
18 April 2013
The UNAOC in partnership with UNESCO, and a coalition of partners, has launched the world campaign Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion. DCA encourages organisations take positive action on cultural diversity. More
Increasing cultural diversity on boards: quotas not the answer
21 March 2013
This Harmony Day, Diversity Council Australia calls for organisations to value cultural diversity and inter-cultural capability more, especially at the board and senior executive level, but rejects the concept of quotas. More
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