DCA’s Annual Diversity Debate to address flexible working and gender equality
4 November 2013
DCA's Annual Diversity Debate will explore an important question for business, government and the broader community: is flexible working the key to gender equality? More
DCA’s ground-breaking research reveals the cultural origins of Australia’s business leaders
23 October 2013
In an Australian first, Diversity Council Australia’s new research released today reveals the cultural origins of board members and senior executives in our major listed companies. More
Mainstreaming Flexible Work – The New Frontier
11 October 2013
DCA research shows that while many people have access to ‘basic’ flexible work options, meaningful flexible work and careers are not common practice in. DCA is offering a new program designed to assist organisations to move to the next level. More
Diversity Council Australia begins succession planning for new CEO
30 September 2013
The Diversity Council Australia Board has started succession planning to replace Chief Executive Officer Nareen Young following her decision to step down from her role in 2014 to pursue board and executive opportunities. More
Some are more equal than others: Gender pay gap widest for older women
3 September 2013
Equal Pay Day on 3 September 2013 (today) marks the date on which women’s annual earnings for the financial year ended 30 June reach the same as men’s – an extra 64 days. More
Your say on changes to the ASX Corporate Governance principles on diversity
30 August 2013
The ASX Corporate Governance Council is amending its Corporate Governance Principles for listed companies and is seeking public comment. Diversity Council Australia invites members to have their say on the proposed changes as they relate to diversity. More
New tools for maximising the benefits of cultural diversity
19 August 2013
Australia’s cultural diversity represents an enormous opportunity for employers but many are not sure how to go about maximising the benefits. Diversity Council Australia was proud to be involved in the development of new tools assisting organisations to More
Take a closer look at unconscious bias with DCA’s new program
1 August 2013
DCA has developed a new program to deconstruct the phenomena that is workplace unconscious bias and help you make the most of a focus on it for diversity and inclusion purposes. More
Workplace diversity progress hampered by lack of strategic engagement and resources
31 July 2013
Although the business sector has maintained a commitment to workplace diversity for many years, a new survey reveals many organisations are still at the foundation stage of their diversity programs and have a declining focus on diversity strategy. More
Amendments to the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act provide important new protections
18 July 2013
DCA welcomes the introduction of changes to the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act providing protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status in relation to employment. More
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