DCA research and resources on ageing workforce

DCA conducted a major research project in 2007 called ‘Grey Matters: Engaging Mature-age Workers’. Funded by DCA members ANZ, IBM and the Australian Federal Police, the research surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Australians 45 years of age and revealed that many of the stereotypes about older people being inflexible and unwilling to work or learn new skills are just plain wrong.

The research findings are still very relevant today and can be accessed by logging in to the members-only area of our website at:

From the research, DCA developed some useful, detailed guidance on addressing key aspects of the ageing workforce. These tool kits include:

  • Flexible work options checklist and flowchart
  • Lifelong learning checklist
  • Recognition & reward checklist
  • Inclusive culture checklist
  • Safe environment checklist
  • Grey recruitment checklist
  • Grey turnover checklist
  • Myth buster checklist
  • Employee Checklist.

We encourage you to visit the members-only area of the website at
http://dca.org.au/generational-or-mature-age/read-more-on-generational-toolkits.html to access these tool kits.