Mainstreaming Flexible Work – The New Frontier
11 October 2013

Many studies have clearly shown that providing flexible work can deliver real benefits for organisations and individuals alike. However, DCA's Get Flexible! research showed that while many people have access to ‘basic’ flexible work options, meaningful flexible work and careers are not common practice in Australian workplaces. DCA is offering a new program designed to assist organisations to move to the next level.

Dr Jane O’Leary, DCA’s Research Director and co-author of Get Flexible! research, said most employers do provide a range of flexible work policies and options but flexibility is still not viewed as a valid career choice or business tool in today’s workplace.

“Flexible working is often seen as a temporary measure, mainly for women returning from parental leave. However, it should be seen as a valuable business tool that benefits employers and employees,” said Jane.

DCA’s innovative new program, Mainstreaming Flexible Work – The New Frontier, is designed to engage business leaders and practitioners to move beyond the basics and mainstream flexibility in their organisation, explained Jane.

“Offering a range of flexible work options and ensuring managers respond appropriately are important requirements for any approach to flexible working. However, the really tricky bit is integrating and building in flexibility as standard business practice so it’s mutually beneficial for employers and employees. This requires an organisation to think and work in a very different way. This is where DCA’s new program can really help,” said Jane.

DCA members who have already participated in this in-house program have found it very valuable in terms of improving their understanding of mainstreaming flexible working and identifying next steps they can take to start making flexibility standard business practice.

About the program

The program uses an interactive group-based learning approach, structured around a combination of information dissemination, small group-enquiry process, and sharing of business leader/practitioners insights and experiences.

The program is delivered at your organisation via a two hour in-house workshop (with a maximum of 15 people) with the following learning objectives/outcomes:

1. Getting engagement from business leaders and practitioners on the need to mainstream flexibility in your organisation

2. Developing your understanding of:

  • The best way to define flexibility
  • The business imperative to mainstream flexibility
  • The current state-of-play in Australia – to what extent is flexibility mainstreamed in your workplace and other contemporary workplaces
  • What it would look like when flexibility is mainstreamed in your organisation
  • What needs to change for flexibility to be standard business practice

3. Identifying key next steps you can take to mainstream flexibility in your team and organisation.

Contact DCA on (02) 9035 2852 or [email protected] for more information about the program and how we can assist you to move to the next level by mainstreaming flexible work and careers.

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