Leading companies get serious about building Asia capability
6 September 2016
DCA’s Leading in the Asian Century research revealed there is significant scope to better cultivate workforce Asia capability (A-Cap) in Australian organisations. Case studies showcasing how organisations can build A-Cap have now been released. More
Tackling Islamophobia and creating inclusive workplaces for Australian Muslims
5 August 2016
DCA members attending an event yesterday at Gilbert + Tobin in Sydney were given first-hand insights into the harmful effects that prejudice and Islamophobia are having on Australian Muslims and what can be done to create more inclusive workplaces. More
Alternative billing practices for greater flexibility, diversity & sustainability
4 August 2016
Time-based billing has been the dominant model in the Legal and other professions for decades. However, an audience at DCA’s recent Diversity in the Legal Profession Network heard emerging evidence that this may not be the ideal way to do business. More
Election 2016: Where do the major parties stand on D&I?
30 June 2016
Diversity Council Australia has today released responses to its pre-election survey about policies the major parties would be taking to the election that support diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces. More
Can't take a joke - We need the courage to call it
28 June 2016
Speech is a form of action. Whether we like it or not, our words have consequences. Inclusive language at work is needed now to shift thinking, change outdated workplace cultures, deliver better business outcomes and create a better society. More
Pride not prejudice: Building LGBTI+ inclusive environments
16 June 2016
June is Pride Month, a chance to celebrate the rights of LGBTI+ people to reject discrimination, prejudice and violence. However, nearly 50 years since this began, these rights are not universally accepted as last Sunday's attack in Orlando has shown. More
WordsAtWork: Building Inclusion through the Power of Language
1 June 2016
#WordsAtWork is a new campaign created by DCA, in partnership with Aurecon, to promote greater understanding of the role that language can play in workplace cultures and the benefits that can flow from more inclusive language. More
New report shows having a diversity policy is not enough to drive change
27 May 2016
A report by KPMG for the ASX Corporate Governance Council released this week revealed that while an increasing number of entities are adopting diversity policies, very few have set quantitative targets for gender diversity and this is slowing progress. More
DCA & NAB Debate 2016
19 May 2016
Australia's premier diversity event, the DCA and NAB Annual Diversity Debate to be held on Tuesday 8 November in Sydney will feature a high profile line up of panelists debate the subject: "Is ‘engaging men’ the game changer for gender equality?" More
Willing to Work - Older Australians and Australians with a Disability
5 May 2016
The Australian Human Rights Commission has released the results of its landmark study entitled "Willing to Work: National inquiry into employment discrimination against older Australians and Australians with disability". More
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