Gender: the most pressing of diversity challenges in 2015
22 January 2015
As we start a new year, many organisations find themselves facing the same old problem: few women in positions of leadership and an overall lack of gender equality in the workplace. More
DCA wishes you a happy & safe festive season & successful 2015!
19 December 2014
As we come to the end of another year, it is timely to reflect on our achievements and continuing challenges for 2015 and beyond. More
Mental health issues common or very common in 86 per cent of organisations
2 December 2014
Diversity Council Australia (DCA) has found that mental health issues are prevalent in the workplace and that stigma is still a major issue, despite many employers actively responding to the problem. More
The numbers are in…and gender equality doesn’t score well
26 November 2014
Key results from the Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) Agency’s 2013-14 reporting data have been released yesterday providing clear evidence that women are under-represented at all senior management levels. More
DCA debate finds promotion on merit does not give everyone a ‘fair go
19 November 2014
The Diversity Council Australia and INPEX Annual Diversity Debate held in Sydney last night found that promotion on merit does not give everyone a ‘fair go’, with the audience voting strongly in favour of the negative team by 79% to 21%. More
DCA congratulates organisations recognised as Employers of Choice for Gender Equality
14 November 2014
Diversity Council Australia congratulates those organisations that have been awarded the inaugural Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation. More
Top ten tips for writing a diversity policy or strategy
10 November 2014
DCA draws on the leading research and thinking to give you a run down on developing an effective diversity strategy. More
‘You start on Monday’: 4 words that can change the life of someone with a disability
24 October 2014
Graeme Innes, Chair of the Attitude Foundation and former Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner said employers need a change of attitude about people with a disability and should give them a go. More
Working on Your Care Factor
3 October 2014
Carers make an enormous contribution to our communities as well as our national economy, and Carers Week provides you with a chance to take time out to learn about carers and caring in Australia. More
Committed to cultural diversity in your workplace? Try out this new online tool
24 September 2014
A new free online Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool is now available to help businesses enhance productivity, innovation and growth through a culturally diverse workforce. More
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