Blog sponsor

In line with our mission to lead debate on diversity in the public arena, DCA has established a new Blog designed to facilitate thought-provoking, two way conversations about diversity to raise awareness and understanding of diversity as a critical business issue.

Launched in 2013, the Blog positions DCA and its sponsor as leaders in the field of diversity amongst a target audience of DCA members, potential members, media, government representatives (politicians and public servants), academics, other key opinion leaders and the general public. Product advertising will be available on the Blog.

This sponsorship provides you with the opportunity to be a part of this exciting new forum.

Sponsor benefits

  • Positioning of sponsor as leading the debate on diversity in the business and wider community in Australia
  • Full branding & recognition on all DCA communications associated with the Blog including:
  • Premium space for advertising on the blog
  • Opportunity to provide up to 6 blog posts per annum
  • Profile from DCA’s extensive promotion of the Blog
  • Opportunity for your organisation to use the sponsorship to generate profile
  • Full sponsor report outlining outcomes of sponsorship. 

For more information about sponsoring or partnering with DCA, contact us on (02) 8014 4300 or email us on