Indigenous Network sponsor

DCA's Indigenous Network focuses on building workplaces that make the most of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent and features three events annually in the networks series of events. BAE Systems Australia is our partner and sponsor for this network until June 2022 (with first right of refusal to renew the sponsorship on option). 

Exclusively for DCA members, the Indigenous Workplace Network is designed to:

  • Profile leading practice in attraction, retention and promotion of Indigenous talent
  • Improve understanding of Indigenous cultures and issues
  • Build organisational capability in this area
  • Involve both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to share information and build relationships.

Sponsor benefits

  • Positioning as major sponsor of the network
  • Full recognition and/or branding at several events per annum on:
    • event e-invitations sent to full DCA distribution list 32,000+ 
    • event registration pages on website
    • verbally mentioned during the event
    • event profiled via DCA's extensive social media presence
    • event recording featured on the DCA website following the event
  • Opportunity for the scheduled events to be held face-to-face at the sponsor’s venue, offering further profiling
  • Opportunity to provide a company profile and event welcome at each event
  • Opportunity to speak at one network event as a panellist to present case study
  • Opportunity for your organisation to use the sponsorship to generate profile
  • Full sponsor report outlining outcome of sponsorship.

For more information about sponsoring or partnering with DCA, contact us on (03) 9067 8002 or email us on