A new narrative on the International Day of People with Disability


On the International Day of People with Disability, (which falls on December 3) and indeed beyond, acceptance and understanding of people living with a disability is an important issue to consider.  

In Australia, people living with a disability experience almost double the unemployment rate of their fellow Australians. Often, they’re stereotyped either as victims or as an inspiration.

But on this observance date we again ask, what if there was another way?

We explore this and more in an episode of DCA's podcast, The Art of Inclusion, featuring Annabelle Williams. She's the legal counsel of the Australian Olympic Committee, and a former gold medal winning Paralympic swimmer.

She says, “There are certainly people who are doing incredible work in this area.  People with a disability who are making change, but, I think the people who I've experienced who are trying to make change for people with a disability are often people who have quite a high profile themselves; whether or not that's through sport or some other means. 

"But, in corporate Australia it doesn't seem that there's a big community of people with a disability who are trying to effect change.  I'm not sure why that is.”

Alongside Annabelle, Gwynnyth Llewellyn of The University of Sydney advises how you can be part of the change that’s needed.

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Members can also read our resources on disability.


Hi DCA We live in a world where all are given a label. So rather then try and win the war on anti-labelling, I believe we need to ditch the word disability. It has a long centuries old history full of negativity, suspicion and deficit stereotypes. This leads to, as you say, victim and or inspirational notions. Please help me in finding a new label the values people in a positive and respectful way.
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