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The year 2019 has the opportunity to provide seismic change at a federal and policy level, and diversity and inclusion will continue to be a key business focus. 

DCA will lead and contribute to related debates. 

Here are the key events DCA will be keenly anticipating – and participating in – over the coming twelve months.

Power and policy: the 2019 federal election  

This year will see a federal election. The vote is likely to take place in May, although the exact date is still unknown.

Regardless of when it happens, the government has an important role to play in supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Once again, DCA will approach the two major parties with a pre-election survey before the nation votes.

The responses will let you gauge where the major parties stand on issues related to diversity and inclusion, which policies they intend to take to the polls, and what they will fund/de-fund. 

#MeToo: inquiry into workplace sexual harassment 

On International Women’s Day in March, DCA will launch an evidence-based guide for members to help them bust myths about sexual harassment in the workplace. Sharing and discussing this will be key in building momentum towards the findings of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s inquiry into workplace sexual harassment. 

At DCA’s recent Gender Equality Network event, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins said the results of the investigation are expected in ‘the second half of 2019’.

What we know already is this: one in three workers in Australia have been sexually harassed at work over the past five years. And this is on the rise, according to the Everyone’s business: Fourth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces, released by the Australian Human Rights Commission. These stats show what’s happening. But the national inquiry will dive deeper into the details, to the who and why. It will also provide much-needed recommendations that will help us begin to eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination at work.

Pulse check: the state of inclusion

In 2019, DCA will follow up on a key piece of research: the DCA-Suncorp [email protected] Index. The second [email protected] Index launches in November, and will further track and map Australian workers’ experiences of diversity and inclusion – two years on from the initial findings.   

What the first report showed was that inclusion matters deeply to Australian workers: three out of four employees said they support or strongly support their organisation taking action to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The business benefits also shone through - employees working in inclusive teams were 10 times more likely to be highly effective than those in non-inclusive teams.

It will be interesting to see how that support has evolved or changed, and the landmark research will provide a more detailed benchmark so Australian employers can continue to invest in inclusive workplaces.


DCA will be launching its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in July 2019.  We are, together with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advisory committee, focusing energy on how corporate Australia can support the constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians.

Also in 2019 …

Our research and content calendar is jam-packed this year. Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Season 2 of the Art of Inclusion podcast

  • Launch of the Change at Work research project, where DCA has joined forces with Google and Deloitte to launch an evidence-based model for designing and implementing D&I organisational change

  • A guide on how to conduct D & I surveys

  • Out at Work's brand new knowledge program

Our flagship events will also continue, with the annual oration and debate, as well as a raft of meetings throughout the year. 

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