What is so great about the Annual Diversity Debate?

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What is so great about the Annual Diversity Debate

Over the years the Annual Diversity Debate has become a most popular event with all who have attended. They've always said it is great. 

But, if you've never come along before, or it's been a while since you have, we thought we'd share 10 reasons why you should come this year. 

  1. For the first time the #DCADebate will be held in the magnificent Sydney Town Hall – without question the most magnificent space in the centre of Sydney, and we are going to pack it out with passionate people.
  2. The #DCADebate will bring together more than 400 people who lead and work in diversity and inclusion across Australia. People who lead and work in D&I are very excellent, so the crowd will be full of fantastic people to chat and laugh with. Who knows who you might meet? 
  1. Your support of the debate contributes to the work of DCA and diversity and inclusion in the workplace more broadly. This work is vital and it’s good for everyone – for employers, for workers, and for a fairer Australia. 
  2. Our speakers this year are fantastic, and Tony Jones will wrangle the debate as only he can – we all miss Tony from Q and A, at the #DCADebate you get the chance to watch his amazing work up close and in real life. 
  3. You get to participate – you can cheer and clap and laugh and even vote on the arguments put by the teams on the night. Who doesn’t love to have their say? 
  4. We’ve all missed out on a lot of face-to-face events, get the team together, join with others and have some fun, you deserve it. There is just something uplifting about the energy created by people coming together for a common purpose. (We are encouraging people to bring their masks and to be considerate in terms of COVID and distancing and to think of those who may be especially vulnerable.)
  5. We are putting on quite a show, there’s the debate, there’ll be excellent food and bevvies and we might have a musical surprise olineupine up too! 
  1. How will you know if gender is on or off the agenda if you don’t come? The topic of the night is “Is it time to move on from gender equality?” It would be terrible to turn up to work on Wednesday and not know the answer! 
  1. It’s fun. It really is. We promise. Our Chair Ming Long shared that from her perspective - "I learn a lot from the debate whilst having a lot of fun. Topics chosen are so hard to answer and to judge who wins!". 
  1. We are celebrating double-digits, and it's happening during our first ever #InclusionAtWorkWeek – and who doesn’t like a party? 

Grab your spot today and be part of the 2022 Annual Diversity Debate: 
Is it time to move on from gender equality? | Diversity Council Australia (dca.org.au)

* The #DCADebate is made possible thanks to Major Sponsor MAX, support sponsors Deloitte and Ventia, and associate sponsors City of Sydney, Hall & Wilcox and IPA. 


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