08 May 2015 | Gender
For many of us, there’s no better day to show mum how much she means to us than Mother’s Day. We buy her presents, make her breakfast in bed or tell her how much we appreciate all that she’s done for us. But what’s the best gift anyone can really give to mum? More
by Lisa Annese
29 Apr 2015 | Cultural Diversity
For how long will the profit and performance of Australian companies continue to be compromised by the lack of cultural diversity? More
by Lisa Annese
25 Mar 2015 | Diversity
The release of the Intergenerational report last week in early March catapulted me into a state of confusion. More
by Lisa Annese
10 Mar 2015 | LGBTI Inclusion
Australian Marriage Equality (AME) is a national organisation working for equal marriage for all consenting adults, as it believes a person’s gender or sexuality should not affect their legal rights and responsibilities under Australian marriage law. National Director of AME, Rodney Croome AM, explains the benefits of marriage equality to corporate Australia. More
by Rodney Croome
16 Feb 2015 | Diversity
When will we stop focusing on what women can do, when victims should flee, and why they stay with their abusive partner? Instead, when will we start looking at the behaviour of the perpetrators of violence, the role of men and how to break the stronghold of silence from our society? More
by Lisa Annese
27 Jan 2015 | Gender
Media responses to the recent release of the federal government's consultations on workplace gender reporting have centered on concerns that any watering down of reporting requirements will be a step backwards to achieving greater gender equity in the workplace. DCA and its members regard the WGE Act reporting as an important mechanism to reduce women’s labour market disadvantage whilst simultaneously improving business productivity. More
by Lisa Annese
10 Dec 2014 | Diversity
As 2014 draws to a close, I have been reflecting on the key diversity issues for the year. A recurring theme in Diversity Council Australia’s work has been the issue of merit: are we making the most of diverse talent or are there still barriers to recognising and rewarding them on their merits? More
by Lisa Annese
27 Nov 2014 | Gender
For two months of this year, I swapped my life managing an Army maintenance workshop to sitting at a desk in a Sydney CBD office. What I learnt has changed my perspective about feminism, masculinity and what a few decent men can do to change the world around them. More
13 Nov 2014 | Gender
As gender is on the agenda for the G20 Leaders’ Summit due to take place in Brisbane this week, Lisa Annese explores what it will take to close the gender workforce gap in Australia. More
by Lisa Annese
23 Oct 2014 | Religious Freedom
In a guest Blog, Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner, talks about harmony and religious freedom in anxious times and how we must not let fear and hate prevail. More
by Tim Soutphommasane