02 Oct 2014 | Pregnancy
The notion of ‘baby brain’ or ‘placenta dementia’, the supposed cognitive impairment that progressively impacts women during pregnancy, appears to be widely accepted. Lisa Annese, DCA's CEO, asks if there is really any truth to it. More
by Lisa Annese
03 Sep 2014 | Gender
In a Blog to mark Equal Pay Day on 5 September 2014, Lisa Annese asks why the gender pay gap has soared to a record high of 18.2% - and whether we are willing to accept not only our daughters being paid less than our sons, but our granddaughters and great granddaughters. More
by Lisa Annese
18 Aug 2014 | Cultural Diversity
Dai Le, former award-winning journalist, independent film-maker and broadcaster shares her experience of the challenges of being an Asian Australian in the workplace, and what's needed to achieve more representation of Asian Australian women in professional and leadership positions. More
by Dai Le
01 Aug 2014 | Gender
DCA's CEO, Lisa Annese, discusses the ubiquitous question, "Can women have it all?" and explains why we are asking the wrong question - and what we really should be asking. More
by Lisa Annese
18 Jul 2014 | LGBTI Inclusion
In a special guest Blog, Chris Lamb, Head of HR Australia and Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Lend Lease reflects on Ian Thorpe's recent announcement of his sexual orientation and the lessons this has for creating more inclusive workplaces. More
by Chris Lamb
07 Jul 2014 | Indigenous
This year’s NAIDOC theme honours Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who have fought in defence of country. In a special guest Blog, Cath Brokenborough, Chair Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation at Lend Lease Construction & Infrastructure talks about honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander warriors past and present. More
by Cath Brokenborough
16 Jun 2014 | Caring Responsibilities
DCA's CEO, Lisa Annese, examines how workplaces can better support employees with eldercare responsibilities, especially those providing end-of-life care. More
by Lisa Annese
02 Jun 2014 | Diversity
In her first Blog as DCA's new Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Annese talks about how thrilled she is by her appointment and how she looks forward to making diversity the norm in our workplaces. More
by Lisa Annese
30 Apr 2014 | Cultural Diversity
In a special guest blog, General Counsel of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia, Ray Steinwall, discusses the lack of cultural diversity in the Australian judiciary and why it needs to be addressed. More
by Ray Steinwall
19 Mar 2014 | Cultural Diversity
Australia will celebrate Harmony Day on 21 March. Katriina Tahka, DCA's Cultural Diversity Director urges everyone to do something on Harmony Day to make someone who has recently arrived in Australia feel welcome. More