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Stand up for respect - stand against sexual harassment in all its forms

Sexual harassment has been unlawful in Australian workplaces since 1984.

But recent allegations of sexual harassment and assault in Australia’s Parliament House, and voices at the March4Justice rallies around Australia, tell us that Australian women are still not safe.

DCA’s own research shows that culturally diverse women face structural barriers accessing leadership. Not only that, but they are subject to harassment and discrimination passed off as “jokes” in their workplaces. Women who are LGBTIQ+ experience sexual harassment if they come out at work. And older women are overlooked and retire with half the savings of men.

Women are not safe in their homes, and they are not safe in their workplaces.

Enough is enough.

We know that leaders of Australian workplaces care deeply about these issues.

And we thank you for showing this commitment by being members of Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

We are now asking Australian CEOs to stand with us – as leaders and members of DCA – and commit to the two simple steps below to pledge to make Australian workplaces respectful and safe for everyone.