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In March 2012, DCA was excited to release a landmark research report titled Get Flexible: Mainstreaming Flexible Work in Australian Business.

The report, produced in partnership with Westpac and supporting sponsors Stockland, Origin Energy and Allens, found there is significant evidence that flexible work optimises resources and productivity. 

The research involved conducting highly interactive ‘think tanks’ with 57 experts, from a range of Australian organisations, who have been immersed in flexible work in Australia.

The findings showed that while many people have access to ‘basic’ flexible work options, meaningful flexible work and careers are not common practice in Australian workplaces. If flexible work is to be truly mainstreamed, the research found organisations need to adopt different ways of thinking and acting, and recommended 11 strategies that would have a significant impact in making flexible work standard.

For a summary of the research, click here. Members can access the full research report here.

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