Gender Reporting Network: Meet the new WGEA Director

Hosted by Clayton Utz
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10 May 2016

DCA’s Gender Reporting Network, proudly sponsored by Clayton Utz, is open exclusively to DCA members and is designed to assist them in their preparations to meet reporting requirements on gender and to explore leading practice on gender diversity programs.

The new Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), Libby Lyons, will be our special guest at the next meeting of DCA's Gender Reporting Network.

Libby who took over the helm of WGEA in October last year, brings extensive experience in management, government and public policy to this agency. As an executive at BHP Billiton, Atlas Iron, CITIC Pacific Mining, Alcoa Australia and the Western Power Corporation she has played a key role in driving change to improve women’s workforce participation.

Libby will be discussing strategies to reduce the gender pay gap, as well as ways businesses can achieve the G20 target of increasing female workforce participation by 25% by 2025.  She will also explore the need for employers to offer more flexibility so women, and men, can meet their caring responsibilities while still progressing at work.

Our other guest speaker with be Donna McMahon, Vice President HR Organisational Capability at Aurizon, Australia’s largest rail freight operator. Donna will explain how Aurizon's new Shared Care initiative is raising the bar when it comes to mitigating the potential career and financial impact women face when they need to take time off to care for a child.

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