Future-Flex: Mainstreaming flexibility by design

Hosted by Insurance Australia Group
14 Sep 2016

Future-Flex is DCA's latest project on workplace flexibility. This on-line and in-person event will provide new thinking about workplace flexibility as well as practical tools to help tackle the challenges. Available exclusively to DCA members.

We are on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution, in which technological, socio-economic and demographic shifts demand flexibility in the way individuals, teams, and organisations work – but how can workplaces meet the challenge?

Following on from DCA's ground-breaking Get Flexible!and Men Get Flexible! research, Future-Flex is the next step on workplace flexibility.  It explores the need for a shift from a traditional ‘individual accommodation’ mindset about work and flexibility to a ‘work design’ mindset, re-organising all team members’ work and jobs to maximise performance and wellbeing.

Dr Graeme Russell, internationally renowned researcher and industry consultant on diversity, flexibility and organisational change, will discuss this new mindset. He will also showcase new guidelines DCA members can use to effectively implement and mainstream flexible work through work design, particularly in a retail environment (i.e. retail corporate offices, retail outlets and organisations with a retail network).

DCA’s CEO Lisa Annese will then lead a thought provoking discussion on the challenges and opportunities for mainstreaming flexible work through work design. Our guest panel will include:

  • Kristy Macfarlane, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, NAB
  • Steve Fitzpatrick, Executive General Manager of Distribution, IAG
  • Ian Irving, Director of Design & Construction, Chair of Diversity & Inclusion Council, Scentre Group
  • Dr Graeme Russell.

Future-Flex: Mainstreaming flexibility by design is a partnership initiative between DCA and The Retail Council, National Australia Bank, Allens, IBM, BAE Systems and IAG. We sincerely thank sponsors for their leadership and vision in supporting this project.

The rest of this content is restricted to DCA members.