Diversity in Technology Network: Has technology helped or hindered work-life balance

Hosted by RMIT University
07 Dec 2016

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we work and provides challenges for work-life balance. At this meeting of DCA’s Diversity in Technology Network we will consider a number of issues about how technology has or has not facilitated greater work-life balance.

Technology has delivered enormous benefits for business in terms of productivity, efficiency and the ability to work flexibly. As a result, many of us enjoy:

  • Achieving more in fewer hours
  • Having the flexibility to work in locations and at times conducive to personal and family commitments
  • Saving time previously spent commuting to a centralised office
  • Avoiding periods away from the family due to overseas or interstate travel.

But there is a dark side to technology. Regularly working at home in the evenings and on weekends or constantly checking our phone or email messages outside of the usual working hours can cause work-life conflict and mean we are never able to really switch off.

At this meeting of DCA’s Diversity in Technology Network, we will explore the pros and cons of technology for flexible working including:

  • The role technology can play in enhancing or detracting from work life balance
  • The impact of the blurring of boundaries between our work and outside lives
  • Practical steps that individuals and workplaces can take to set boundaries and ensure technology does not become the master
  • How technology is enabling flexibility at IAG through its Work from Home program
  • The impact of technology on flexible working for different generations.

Guest speakers:

  • Paul Oppenheimer, Chief Information Officer, RMIT
  • Jen Goeldner, Senior Manager, User Technology, Collaboration & Mobility, IAG
  • Tim Fawcett, Director Corporate and Government Affairs, Cisco Systems Australia, and
  • Anne Bardoel, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Monash University.

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