Older Women Matter: Harnessing the Talents of Australia’s Older Female Workforce

Hosted by National Australia Bank
23 May 2013

Statistics reveal that older women (defined as 45 years plus) are consistently underemployed and underutilised. Yet these women represent a significant and growing talent pool for Australian organisations.

DCA, in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Commission, with Sageco, has undertaken a new piece of research that investigates how underutilised older women really are and what employers can do to better harness their skills and talents. We are delighted to invite you to attend the launch of this research on 23 May 2013 in Melbourne.

At this event, Dr Jane O’Leary, DCA’s Research Director and co-author will outline the findings and recommendations for employers of the new research called Older Women Matter: Harnessing the Talents of Australia’s Older Female WorkforceThis includes:

  • How and why older women are underutilised
  • The benefits of harnessing this talent: for business, Australia and older women
  • How employers can lay the groundwork
  • Seven key enablers for employment of older women.

The event will include an interactive discussion with respected thought leaders and leading diversity practitioners who will explore practical ways organisations can capitalise on the enormous potential of older female talent:

  • Dr Graeme Russell, report co-author and renowned international researcher
  • Rowan Arndt, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, National Australia Bank  
  • Alison Monroe, Managing Director, Sageco
  • Kate McCormack, Executive Director - People, Learning & Culture, Mercy Health.

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