Diversity Leadership Program: Diversity of Thought

20 Sep 2017


The idea that our thinking is shaped by our culture, background, experiences, and personalities is core to the concept of diverse thought and at our next Diversity Leadership Program event, we will take a critical look at diversity of thought.

Many organisations strive for ‘diversity of thought’ as a key goal in their diversity & inclusion efforts. While this is important, a focus on this to the exclusion of all else can be counterproductive.

At this event, hosted by HSBC Bank Australia, we will explore ‘diversity of thought’ with a critical lens including:

  • Where diversity of thought really comes from
  • Avoiding an ‘identity blind’ approach – which creates bias
  • Avoiding a ‘special difference’ approach – which creates stereotyping
  • The importance of having role models
  • What really delivers different ways of thinking
  • How inclusion harnesses diverse perspectives.

Moderated by DCA's Partnerships & Programs Director Karen Soo, the event will bring together varied perspectives and backgrounds and will include the following engaging panel:

  • Dr Graeme Russell, Internationally renowned researcher and industry consultant on diversity
  • Dai Le, founder, DAWN – Developing Culturally Diverse Leadership
  • Annabelle Williams OAM, Legal Counsel, Australian Olympic Committee
  • Noel McNamara, Chief Risk Officer, HSBC Bank Australia.

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