Diversity Leadership Program - LGBTIQ+ Inclusion

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04 Apr 2017


At the next DCA Diversity Leadership Program event, we will have a conversation about what it would take to create more inclusive workplaces so that more out LGBTIQ+ people can fill leadership positions in corporate Australia.

Recent research tells us that close to one in two lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ+) Australians hide their sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status in the workplace for fear being “out” could damage their careers.

Apart from the negative impact that this can have on individuals, this is also costing business a lot of money. According to Pride in Diversity’s annual employee survey, while the incidence of negative comments in the workplace is decreasing, it has a strong correlation with people looking to leave an organisation.

At the next DCA Diversity Leadership Program event we will have a conversation about what it would take for more out LGBTIQ+ people to fill leadership positions in corporate Australia and how that can be achieved.

Our special guest panel line-up will share with DCA members the insights and experiences that they have garnered on their personal journey and what workplaces can do to be more inclusive.

Guest speakers:

Speaker headshots: Paul Zahra, Pippa Downes & Kimberley Olsen

  1. Paul Zahra, Global Retail Adviser and Chair of Pinnacle Foundation
  2. Pippa Downes, Non-Executive Director of several organisations including the Pinnacle Foundation
  3. Kimberly Olsen, Manager of ACON’s Pride Inclusion programs

Our guest speakers will share:

  • Perceived and real risks to career advancement in “coming out at work”
  • Experiences of climbing the corporate ladder in "straight man’s world" of business
  • Adversity experienced along the way and how it was overcome
  • Stereotypical prejudices held in the workplace towards the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Cultivating a culture of active LGBTIQ+ inclusiveness and visibility
  • The role of Australian employers in leading the way on LGBTIQ+ equality
  • Disclosure and being “labelled” according to sexual identity
  • The business case for setting LGBTIQ+ targets within an organisation.



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