Gender Equality Network - Unleashing the power of gender equality (Preliminary notice)

Date: Wednesday 28 Feb 2018
Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm 


DCA’s Gender Equality Network, is open exclusively to DCA members and is designed to explore leading practice on gender diversity programs and assist members in their preparations to meet reporting requirements on gender.

These network events take place quarterly and are held in Sydney or Melbourne with an online audio livestreaming option to attend for members located in other states. Two events are also run via webinar. 

Who should attend

As a part of our commitment to gender balance at DCA events, we particularly encourage male representatives to attend this event alongside their female and gender diverse colleagues. Attendance at DCA events is free for all member employees and a significant benefit of membership that we urge you to maximise.

Additional information to follow... 

Date and time are subject to change and will be confirmed closer to the event.  

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