Creating Accessible & Inclusive Workplaces - Diversity Leadership Program Event

25 Jun 2018


At DCA’s Diversity Leadership Program event, sponsored and hosted by Gilbert + Tobin, we investigated how accessible and inclusive our workplaces are for people with disabilities.

Paralympian Kurt Fearnley recently called for Australia to embrace inclusion of people with disabilities. Given they have significantly lower workplace participation (53%) and higher unemployment rates (9.4%) than people without disability (83% and 4.9% respectively), clearly employers need to do a lot more on this front. 

Disability Discrimination Commissioner Alastair McEwin described how Australian workplaces fair when it comes to meeting the inherent requirements to ensure inclusion for people with disabilities at work.  He was supported by first-hand accounts from our panel who shared their experiences and insights including:

  • What a disability-inclusive workplace looks like
  • How to make reasonable workplace adjustments
  • Job design
  • The role of adaptive technologies
  • Preventing workplace discrimination
  • Disability recruitment.

Along withour emcee Darren Fittler, Partner at Gilbert + Tobin, insights were shared by our panel:

  1. Alastair McEwin, Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission
  2. Chris Edwards, Government Relations & Advocacy Manager, Vision Australia
  3. Rebecca Wong, law graduate and job seeker, and 
  4. Annabelle Williams OAM, Legal Counsel, Australian Olympic Committee


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