Indigenous People and Work Research and Practice Hub Launch

Hosted by University of Technology Sydney
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04 Mar 2019


DCA is very proud to partner with UTS Jumbunna Research to launch its world first Indigenous People and Work Research and Practice Hub.

Designed as an Indigenous-led platform to further the participation of Indigenous people in the workplace and the broader employment market, the Hub brings together key stakeholders and practitioners across the employment, academic and diversity sectors in order to lead training, research innovation and discussion on Indigenous people and work practices in Australia.    
At this special event, we gained an insight into the Hub’s work on leading practice in engaging, developing and supporting Indigenous talent, and in particular its project investigating the experiences of Indigenous women at work.
Distinguished Professor Larissa Behrendt, Director of Jumbunna was our emcee.

We were delighted that UTS Vice Chancellor, Attila Brungs launched the Hub.
Nareen Young, Industry Professor (Indigenous Workplace Diversity) Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research (JIIER), delivered a presentation on the Hub’s submission on the employment status of Indigenous women in Australia to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Women’s Voices (Wiyi Yani U Thangani) project. The submission is the Hub’s first major piece of work.
Following the presentation DCA CEO Lisa Annese led further discussion on this issue with the following panel:

  • Karen Mundine, CEO, Reconciliation Australia
  • Verity Firth, Director, UTS Centre for Social Justice  
  • Professor Nareen Young, Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research
  • Sharon GrayGroup Manager, Indigenous and Social Inclusion at CPB Contractors


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