Research Launch: Change at Work

22 Jul 2019


How effective are D&I initiatives in achieving change? We found out at the launch of Change At Work.

Make the Switch. Change at Work. Designing diversity & inclusion differently to achieve organisational change. Proudly sponsored by Google and Deloitte.

For well over thirty years, initiatives designed to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) have been a priority for organisations – but are the plethora of D&I initiatives actually creating the organisational change they aspire to?

Diversity Council Australia joined forces with Google and Deloitte to investigate how effectively D&I change management is implemented and developed an evidence-based model for designing and implementing more effective D&I organisational change.

DCA members were invited to attend the release of Change At Work: Designing Diversity and Inclusion Differently to Achieve Organisational Change at an event hosted by The University of Sydney Business School.

This research provides much-needed insights into:

  • How effective D&I change management is in Australia
  • How organisations can do better
  • What a new model for D&I organisational change looks like
  • How it can benefit your organisation.

DCA’s Research Director, Dr Jane O’Leary and report co-author and internationally renowned D&I researcher and consultant, Dr Graeme Russell, presented the research findings. Following the presentation, DCA’s CEO, Lisa Annese invited guest speakers to participate in a panel discussion exploring the findings and their implications for D&I change in workplaces:

  • Dr Graeme Russell, co-author of the report and internationally renowned researcher and industry consultant on diversity, flexibility and organisational change 
  • Gina De George, National Director - Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing, Deloitte Australia
  • Caitriona Comerford, Executive Director, People, Multiplex Australasia
  • Ming Long, prominent company director and Deputy Chair of the DCA Board. 


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