Tackling unconscious bias to progress Indigenous talent

Hosted by PwC
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28 Aug 2017


DCA’s Building Workplace Capability for Indigenous Australia Network, sponsored by Lendlease and hosted by PwC Indigenous Consulting, will investigate the role unconscious bias plays in preventing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people from progressing at work and what can be done to address it.

Many employers are working hard to attract Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander talent but these employees tend to be concentrated in the lower level occupations and not enough attention is given to career progression. 

Jodie Sizer, Owner & Co-CEO, PwC’s Indigenous Consulting will outline their approach to unconscious bias that focuses on addressing biases against Indigenous Australians. She will then facilitate a panel discussion exploring what more business can do to address bias and create more inclusive environments for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. Speakers include:

  • Nareen Young, Director at PwC's Indigenous Consulting, and former CEO of DCA 
  • Jason Mifsud, Executive Director, Aboriginal Victoria.
  • Cath Brokenborough, Executive Lead Indigenous Engagement and RAP, Lendlease

This network is exclusively for DCA members and is designed to focus on building workplaces that embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent.

The rest of this content is restricted to DCA members.