Latest Research Update in Canberra

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02 Sep 2019

DCA was pleased to invite our Canberra-based members to join CEO Lisa Annese for a special briefing on our latest D&I research, Myth Busting Sexual Harassment at Work and Change at Work.

Tackling myths about sexual harassment

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, in the last 12 months, 23% of women and 16% of men have experienced sexual harassment at work in Australia. DCA has developed a myth-buster guide that challenges the common myths and misconceptions which have allowed these sexual harassment statistics to rise as well as a framework for action so that employees and workplaces can stand up for safety and respect at work.

Change at Work

For well over thirty years, initiatives designed to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) have been a priority for organisations – but are the plethora of D&I initiatives actually creating the organisational change they aspire to? DCA joined forces with Google and Deloitte to investigate how effectively D&I change management is implemented and to develop an evidence-based model for more effective D&I organisational change.

A question and answer session followed the presentation.

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