Change At Work - Perth presentation

Hosted by Curtin University
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11 Sep 2019


DCA was delighted to provide our Perth-based members with insights on DCA’s ground breaking-research on Change At Work.

For well over thirty years, initiatives designed to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) have been a priority for organisations – but are the plethora of D&I initiatives actually creating the organisational change they aspire to?

DCA joined forces with Google and Deloitte to investigate how effectively D&I change management is implemented and to develop an evidence-based model for more effective D&I organisational change.

DCA's new report Change At Work: Designing Diversity and Inclusion Differently to Achieve Organisational Change differs to approaches typically taken by D&I practitioners and change agents.

DCA CEO Lisa Annese discussed:

  • How effective D&I change management is in Australia
  • How organisations can do better
  • What a new model for D&I organisational change looks like

Lisa Annese then joined MC Ian Jackson, Director, People and Culture at Curtin University to unpack the research with a guest panel including: 

  1. Dr Daniela Andrei, CEPAR Research Fellow, Centre for Transformative Work Design at Curtin University, Future of Work Institute Curtin Graduate Business School and
  2. Associate Professor Kantha Dayaram, School of Management, Curtin University 


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