Diversity Leadership Program - Rebounding from 'reverse discrimination'

17 Oct 2019


At this Diversity Leadership Program event you can join us to look at what 'reverse discrimination' is why it comes up, and how to work constructively with this concept.

Have you ever heard the comment or even thought to yourself, ‘Affirmative action is just reverse discrimination’, ‘Why don't we celebrate International Men’s Day?’, or ‘Gay pride excludes straight people’?
This way of thinking is not uncommon in contemporary Australian workplaces.
At one time or other, most D&I practitioners will experience rolling out a D&I initiative and then hearing concerns, for instance, that the initiative gives one employee group (e.g. women) preferential or special treatment at the expense of the other (e.g. men).
In this engaging and informative event we will hear from DCA’s Research Director, Dr Jane O’Leary, and DCA’s Members & Advisory Director, Mariam Veiszadeh, as they unpack what ‘reverse discrimination’ is, when and why it comes up, and how to work constructively with this concept.
A panel discussion, lead by DCA CEO Lisa Annese, will tease out the issues and answer questions about how to respond to complaints of special or preferential treatment.
The featured panel will include:

  • Antoinette Lattouf, Director and Co-Founder of Media Diversity Australia
  • David Matthews, Head of Communications, Diversity & Inclusion Chair and Sponsor of the HSBC Pride network
  • Dr Jane O’Leary, DCA Research Director, and
  • Mariam Veiszadeh, DCA Members & Advisory Director, lawyer, opinion writer. 

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Who should attend

All DCA members. As a part of our commitment to gender balance at DCA events, we particularly encourage male representatives to attend this event alongside their female and gender diverse colleagues. We also recommend encouraging those in senior leadership roles to attend this particular event. Attendance at DCA events is free for all member employees and a significant benefit of membership that we urge you to maximise.


The venue is wheelchair accessible and at this event we will feature live-captioning. If you require an Auslan interpreter at this event you must RSVP with this requirement ASAP or at least 10 working days prior to the event and we will endeavour to secure this in-demand service for you. The event recording and transcript will be made available on the DCA website after the event. If you have any additional accessibility needs that would assist your participation at the event, please contact us on admin@dca.org.au

Photo permission

This event may be photographed, videoed or audio-recorded. A summary of the event, pictures and/or a recording of the event in which you may feature may be posted on DCA’s website or on social media and may also be used in DCA printed materials. By registering for this DCA event you accept the possibility that your photograph may be taken and the image used or shared by DCA for promotional and educational purposes. If you do not agree to this use please email a request to not be photographed to Melbourne@dca.org.au