Diversity Leadership Program - Rebounding from 'reverse discrimination'

17 Oct 2019


At this Diversity Leadership Program event we looked at what 'reverse discrimination' is why it comes up, and how to work constructively with this concept.

Have you ever heard the comment or even thought to yourself, ‘Affirmative action is just reverse discrimination’, ‘Why don't we celebrate International Men’s Day?’, or ‘Gay pride excludes straight people’?
This way of thinking is not uncommon in contemporary Australian workplaces.
At one time or other, most D&I practitioners will experience rolling out a D&I initiative and then hearing concerns, for instance, that the initiative gives one employee group (e.g. women) preferential or special treatment at the expense of the other (e.g. men).
In this engaging and informative event we heard from DCA’s Research Director, Dr Jane O’Leary, and DCA’s Members & Advisory Director, Mariam Veiszadeh, as they unpack what ‘reverse discrimination’ is, when and why it comes up, and how to work constructively with this concept.
The panel discussion, lead by DCA CEO Lisa Annese, teased out the issues and answer questions about how to respond to complaints of special or preferential treatment.
The featured panel:

  • Antoinette Lattouf, Director and Co-Founder of Media Diversity Australia
  • David Matthews, Head of Communications, Diversity & Inclusion Chair and Sponsor of the HSBC Pride network
  • Dr Jane O’Leary, DCA Research Director, and
  • Mariam Veiszadeh, DCA Members & Advisory Director, lawyer, opinion writer. 

DCA would like to thank Cisco for providing the Webex service to bring you this event

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