Research Update Event - Counting Culture (Preliminary notice)

Date: Friday 20 Aug 2021
Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm 


In an event in Melbourne hosted by QBE, DCA event will explore the experiences of LGBTIQ+ people at work.

Our speakers will revisit the findings of our research Out at Work: From Prejudice to Pride and discover what helps and hinders being out at work. We will then hold a panel discussion featuring people from the LGBTIQ+ community who will explore their experiences of being out at work and what makes an inclusive workplace.

DCA works in partnership with members to generate ground breaking diversity research that enables Australian organisations to fully leverage the benefits of a diverse talent pool. Only DCA members can access the research reports in full. Summary information only is available to the general public. DCA research is ahead of the curve, drives business improvement, is practice focused, speaks to the Australian context and considers all diversity dimensions.