DCA Gender Equality Network: explores masculinity and the workplace

08 Dec 2020

This Webinar investigates what it means to be a man today and looks at how workplaces can actively model respect.

DCA’s Engaging Men research found men’s own well-being is limited by narrow ideas about masculinity and how they are “supposed” to behave.

Men often pay heavy costs – in the form of shallow relationships, poor health, and early death – for conformity with narrow definitions of masculinity.

Workplaces have a role to play in giving men greater choices about their working and family lives by moving beyond narrow, restrictive gender roles for women and men (e.g. women must take on caring responsibilities and men must be the full-time breadwinner).

At this DCA webinar, we discuss masculinity, what it takes to dismantle unhelpful stereotypes about men and how workplaces can support men to live happy, healthy, safe and respectful lives.

Our guest speakers:

  • Matt Tyler, Executive Director of The Men's Project at Jesuit Social Services supporting boys and men to live respectful, accountable and fulfilling lives free from violence and other harmful behaviour, 
  • Dr Victor Sojo, Lecturer in Leadership at the Centre for Workplace Leadership, the University of Melbourne who is currently researching how traditional notions of masculinity affect the health and well-being of men,
  • Jema Cameron, Group Manager Organisational Development at Programmed, (sponsor of DCA’s Engaging Men report), who will share what they are doing to support men at work,
  • Michael Brandenburg, Policy Officer for the No To Violence organisation, the peak body for men’s behaviour change programs across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania


Event Reviews

‘I would consider this webinar to be the best one I have attended through DCA.  The expertise and diverse knowledge by the panellists was amazing and a great opportunity to focus on masculinity as something we rarely talk about.’ -Narelle MacFarlane, Alcoa  Australia

'The event was very well managed, the speakers interesting, and the topics very topical for the times we are living in.' -Anon, event participant

'I always find the DCA webinars very valuable and at the frontiers of research knowledge and practical insights. I appreciate the action-oriented approach and the premium that is placed on data, research and evidence.' -Anon, event participant


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