The new WGEA Director explores ways to close the gender pay gap

18 Aug 2021

Join us as we explore the latest on the gender pay gap and how leading practice organisations are making progress in closing the gap.

At 13.4%, Australia’s full time gender pay gap remains stubbornly high and while some progress has been made, it will still take decades to fully close the gap.

At this event, we are delighted to invite the new Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), Mary Wooldridge, to talk about ways to reduce the gender pay gap across Australia’s workplaces.

Our high profile panel will bring a range of expertise on the subject including:

  1. Dr Dimitria Groutsis, Associate Professor in the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School, who is researching intersectional pay gaps,
  2. Andrew Yates, CEO KPMG, whose organisation has done extensive research with DCA and WGEA on the factors that contribute to the gender pay gap,
  3. Doug Cunningham, Managing Director, Kimberly-Clark Australia and New Zealand, who is a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, and
  4. Mary Wooldridge, Director, Workplace Gender Equality Agency.


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