Resistance is futile – overcoming opposition to flexible working

Hosted by ANZ Banking Group Limited
05 Mar 2015


There is plenty of evidence to support the business benefits of flexible work. But why is there still so much resistance to it - especially amongst managers? At this event hosted by ANZ, we will explore flexibility resistance and what can be done to address the problem.

The benefits of flexible work include assisting businesses to be sustainable and adaptable to change; helping with talent attraction and retention; improving workplace productivity and as a key enabler for gender equality. Yet many organisations continue to struggle with mainstreaming flexibility in their workplaces. 

At this special event hosted by ANZ in Sydney, we will be exploring the latest research on flexible working and how organisations can tackle resistance to mainstreaming flexible working. 

Our keynote speaker will be flexible work expert Dr Rae Cooper, Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School and Deputy Director of the highly respected Women and Work Research Group. Her particular research interest is in how employees and managers negotiate flexible working arragements and she is currently examining flexibility for working parents.

Join us at this event to explore:

  • The latest research about resistance to flexible working
  • What characterises workplaces with high levels of resistance
  • How to change the culture on flexibility from resistance to support
  • The role managers play in enabling flexible working
  • The importance of trust
  • Performance assessment and flexible working
  • Organisational approaches to tackling resistance

We will also be joined by a panel of speakers to further explore flexible working in Australia and the varied experiences across different workplaces:

  • Alexis George, Managing Director, and Lawrence Hastings, General Counsel, Global Wealth, ANZ
  • Noelene Palmer, Head of Operations, Global Service & Delivery, Swiss Re Australia
  • Jacqui Abbott, Head of Flexibility and Diversity, Allens

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