Building Cultural Capability Network: moving from intent to action

Hosted by Multicultural NSW
17 Jun 2014

DCA's Building Cultural Capability Network provides DCA members with an opportunity to further develop their learning and progress on building cultural capability, and share their personal and organisational insights and challenges with peers across a variety of industries. At our next event hosted by Community Relations Commission For a Multicultural NSW, we will hear from a very interesting panel of organisations who are all having a positive impact on building cultural capability including at work and in the community.

Building on the thought provoking discussions at our previous Building Cultural Capability Network meetings, we would like to invite you to join us to hear from organisations who are already making an impact.

You will have a unique opportunity to hear from a diverse panel of thought leaders about what they do, what works and what has been a challenge, and then we will open the floor to Q&A style questions from the audience.

Our line-up of guest speakers will include:

  • Hakan Harman, Chief Executive Officer, Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW
  • Gemma O’Brien, Manager, Social Enterprises, Embracing Diversity
  • Kathy Baker, Group Manager, Talent & Diversity, Leighton Holdings 
  • Troy Roderick, General Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, Telstra
  • Louise Anderson, Organisational Development Manager, Transurban.

The teleconference component of this event is brought to you by Message Stick, sponsored by Leighton Holdings.

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