Diversity Leadership Program - Breaking the Silence: Impact of DV in the Workplace

Hosted by Gilbert + Tobin
15 Jun 2015

DCA’s Diversity Leadership Program is exclusively for DCA members and provides an opportunity to hear the latest on leading practice in workplace diversity – from organisations and from academic and other experts in the field. This forum will explore the impact of family and domestic violence in the workplace, and what employers can do to support and assist their staff.

The ABS estimates that in 2012, up to 70% of women who experience domestic violence are in paid work. That's approximately 800,000 women, or around one in six female workers. This means that everyday, a significant number of Australian workplaces are impacted by women’s experiences of domestic and family violence. Domestic violence costs Australia an estimated $13 billion each year.

International research shows that employers can play a significant role in supporting and assisting victims of domestic violence in the workplace.

At DCA’s next Diversity Leadership Program event hosted by Gilbert + Tobin in Sydney, we will examine how domestic violence impacts the workplace.

We will also explore what policies and practices leading employers are putting in place to support their staff experiencing family violence.

A panel of expert speakers and leading employers will explore this topic, including:

  • Keynote speaker Libby Davies, CEO of White Ribbon Australia. The White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program recognises workplaces that are taking active steps to prevent and respond to violence against women.
  • Troy Roderick, General Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at Telstra. Telstra has implemented several innovative policies and practices to support any members of their staff, as well the broader Australian community, that are victims of domestic violence.
  • Ludo McFerran, Consultant on domestic violence and work and member of the International Domestic Violence and Work Network, Ludo has worked in the domestic violence sector for over three decades and managed the ‘Safe at Home, Safe at Work’ Program. She will share ways that employers can support victims of domestic violence, with a particular focus on the role of industrial agreements. 
  • John O'Brien, Manager, Industrial Relations at National Australia Bank will discuss the bank's innovative Domestic Violence Support Policy.
  • Dharma Chandran, Partner KPMG who will outline their work to identify best practice policies and interventions that workplaces can introduce to support employees experiencing violence.

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