Building Cultural Capability Network: Courageous Conversations about Race

08 Sep 2015

DCA members are invited to the next meeting of the Building Cultural Capability Network. This network provides members with an opportunity to share insights and challenges on building greater organisational cultural capability.

We are delighted that Malcolm Fialho, Senior Diversity Officer at the University of Western Australia will be joining us at this meeting. Malcolm will outline the University's Courageous Conversations about Race program which investigates how racial ‘consciousness’ and cultural competence can be improved.

Malcolm has more than two decades experience in the diversity, human rights and anti-racism sector in Western Australia. Prior to his current position, he also held leadership positions in the area of cross-cultural management across both the commonwealth and community-based sectors. Malcolm holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and is passionate about ‘transforming’ organisations by promoting an informed understanding of race through enquiry, dialogue and debate.

We will also be joined by Nareen Young, Director at PwC's Indigenous Consulting, and former CEO of DCA, who will share her insights about cultural diversity and Indigenous engagement.

Nareen is one of Australia's leading workplace diversity practitioners and thinkers and has been a leader in the not for profit sector for over 15 years. She also a member of PwC's Diversity Advisory Board, non-executive Director of Indigenous Business Australia and the Institute for Cultural Diversity, and Chair of Groundswell Arts NSW.

This teleconference is hosted by Message Stick, sponsored by CIMIC Group.

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