Diversity in the Legal Profession Network

18 Jul 2016

The July meeting of the Diversity in the Legal Profession Network aims to focus on the sharing of information, strategies and challenges of flexible working arrangements and possible alternatives to billable hours invoicing.

In partnership with Gilbert + Tobin, we invite DCA members in the legal profession to join us for the next meeting of the Legal Network.  The topic to be discussed at this event is:

Flexible working and new approaches to billing in the legal profession

Pressures of time-billing and excessively long working hours in the legal profession were identified as key drivers of dissatisfaction (especially for women) in the National Attrition and Re-engagement Study (NARS) report. The business model of traditional law firms is to bill clients on the basis of time but this approach does not always work for lawyers who want access to flexible work arrangements.

DCA has invited two guest speakers to join us:

  • Pauline Wright, Director Law Council of Australia, Member of the Law Council of Australia’s Equalising Opportunities before the Law Committee and partner at P J Donnellan & Co will look at issues such as work/life balance and ideas around billable hours versus value based billing for the legal profession, and
  • Melissa Lyon, Business Development Consultant, Hive Legal will outline how her firm embraces the opportunity to value work based on the outcomes for its clients and the firm's strong preference for value based pricing.

Some of the issues that we will explore include:

  • The billable hours framework and the profession’s culture of equating long hours with productivity and profitability
  • The business case for changing the existing model
  • Alternative business models of billing, and which models work, for whom.

The rest of this content is restricted to DCA members.