Diversity in Technology Network

22 Mar 2016


DCA was excited to launch its new Diversity in Technology Network in 2015. As one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Australia, organisations in technology are more concerned about diversity & inclusion than ever before. At this network event, we will talk diversity, technology and accessibility.

At our next network event, we will not only feature a diversity and inclusion case study from a leading technology firm, Cisco, but we will take the opportunity to explore the broader issue of technology and accessibility that is applicable to all sectors. 

Tim Fawcett, Cisco’s Director Corporate and Government Affairs and DCA Director will profile his company’s approach to D&I and will speak about diversity in the technology sector more broadly.

Sean Murphy, Cisco’s Compliance Accessibility Software Engineer will discuss technology and accessibility including what is accessibility, the range of technology that people with a disability use in a daily work environment, and barriers in relation to technology.

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