Launch of Building Inclusion: An Evidence-Based Model of Inclusive Leadership

Hosted by Stockland
22 Oct 2015

Organisations are increasingly recognising that if they wish to experience the benefits of diversity, they need to cultivate not just a diverse workplace but also an inclusive one. There is also growing recognition that leaders have a critical role to play in achieving this.

But do organisations understand the benefits of inclusive leadership or how to achieve it?

Through interviews and a review of national and international research, DCA's new study, Building Inclusion: An Evidence-Based Model of Inclusive Leadership, will shed valuable light on the benefits of inclusive leadership and what it takes to be a truly inclusive leader.

At this special launch event, Dr Jane O’Leary, DCA’s Research Director and report co-author, will outline the research findings. This will be followed by a panel discussion by business leaders on the implications for organisations of incorporating inclusive leadership: -

  • Katherine Grace, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Stockland
  • Don Sillar, Head of Sales, ANZ Wealth
  • Melissa Donald, General Manager, Talent & Diversity, Programmed
  • Andrew Buay, Vice President Group Corporate Social Responsibility & Talent Coach, Optus
  • Dr Graeme Russell, co-author of the research and internationally renowned researcher and industry consultant on diversity, flexibility and organisational change.


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