Accessing ability: Recognising the ability of people with disability

Hosted by ANZ Banking Group Limited
16 Oct 2014

Employing people with disability is not just ‘the right thing to do’, it provides access to an under-utilised and highly capable pool of talent.

So what stops organisations from recruiting and retaining more talent, and developing commercially-focused strategies to engage people with disabilities? And what will it take for us to shift the dial?

 It is estimated that 18.5% of the population in Australia has a disability but only half of aged between 15 and 64 participate in the labour force.

Research confirms that the productivity and engagement of employees with disability is as good as, and in many cases, superior to their colleagues without disability.

At this special event hosted by ANZ in Melbourne, our keynote speaker will be Graeme Innes, former Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner and Chair of the Attitude Foundation. He will explain why it’s important for business to change the way they think about customers and staff with disability, and how his new foundation is using video to change attitudes.

Diane Utatao, National Diversity & Inclusion Business Partner, Australia Post, will showcase its new short film that aims to break down stereotypes and encourage increased participation of people with a disability in the workplace.

Hamish McKenzie, ANZ’s Accessibility Manager will share his own experiences at ANZ, and provide an overview of the GoMoney App which is breaking new ground for staff and customers with disability. 

Alistair Currie, Group Chief Operating Officer and Management Board Sponsor for Accessibility & Inclusion at ANZ, will be introducing this event. 

There will be a panel discussion covering a range of issues on changing attitudes about employees and customers with disability.

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