Can't Take a Joke: engaging passive bystanders in masculine work environments

Hosted by Gilbert + Tobin
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03 Nov 2014

Day-to-day workplace interactions can have a powerful effect on individuals, teams and organisations. Our everyday interactions can build a workplace culture that is either gender-biased or gender-inclusive. At this special event, DCA will explore how bystander interventions can be used to build more gender inclusive workplace cultures. We will particularly consider workplaces with a masculine culture and/or that are male-dominated.

Proudly hosted by Gilbert + Tobin, this event has been designed to enable you to:

  • Identify examples of ‘everyday sexism’, commonplace micro-inequities, micro-aggressions, and other workplace behaviours that work against women as well as men;
  • Understand the business case for addressing everyday sexism;
  • Learn how both men and women can go beyond being passive bystanders to intervene and challenge these behaviours and build gender-inclusive workplace cultures;
  • Learn how to engage (rather than alienate) men to intervene;
  • Understand the challenges for women in male-dominated industries who intervene; and
  • Explore success stories of where this has been done.

We are privileged to have as our keynote speaker leading academic and consultant Dr Michael Flood, (co) author of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s report, Encourage. Support. Act!: Bystander approaches to sexual harassment in the workplace, which examines the role bystanders can play in preventing and reducing the incidence of sexual harassment.

Presentations will also be given by DCA’s current Secondees from the Australian Army, Warrant Officers Class 2 Daniel Priems and Guy Musgrove, who between them have more than 40 years' experience working in male-dominated work environments.

A panel discussion will also be held and joined by:

  • Dr Graeme Russell, internationally renowned consultant on diversity, flexibility, work/life, fatherhood and organisational change
  • Laurice Temple, CEO of the National Association of Women in Construction
  • Alison Mirams, ‎General Manager NSW/ACT, Building, Lend Lease

This event is a unique opportunity to hear from a diverse panel of speakers and to learn about how our seemingly insignificant workplace interactions can shape the culture of the place where many of us spend much of our lives.


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