For these past events, a video or audio recording is available for DCA members. To watch or listen to the recording, click the title of the event.
28 Jun 2022

As we return to COVID-normal, are we in danger of creating a two-class system where those who return to face-to-face work leave behind those who continue to work virtually?

23 Jun 2022

At this Indigenous Network, we will examine what truth-telling in the workplace looks like.

31 May 2022

After a two year break due to COVID, we are proud to have brought you this special in-person event in Melbourne that honours the contribution of the late Anna McPhee, DCA’s former Chair and a passionate advocate for diversity and equal opportunity.

19 May 2022

At this event we look at how workplace inclusion & exclusion can affect mental health.

03 May 2022

Many organisations are doing a lot to make their workplaces more inclusive for people with children. But how can workplaces be more inclusive of people who are childless not by choice (CNBC)?

28 Apr 2022

There are over seven million families in Australia, and they come in all shapes and sizes such as couples with and without children, including same-sex couples, couples with dependants, single mothers or fathers with children, divorced/blended families, relatives who take on caring duties such as aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings living together.

29 Mar 2022

Organisations play an important role in supporting and creating cultural safety and belonging in the workplace for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

21 Mar 2022

The heightened global conversation about race and racism and the resultant calls for Australian organisations to do better when it comes to confronting and addressing racism has led to DCA’s latest research report, 'Racism at Work', conducted in partnership with sponsors, ARUP, Diageo, IKEA Australia, QBE, and Relationships Australia NSW.

02 Mar 2022

Monash University & Diversity Council Australia, with Hudson RPO, have joined forces to explore the impact of unconscious bias on recruitment and selection decisions that use artificial intelligence.

28 Feb 2022

We all want to end sexual harassment and build equality across our workforces. An important step in achieving this is to ensure the elimination of sexual harassment is firmly planted on board and executive agendas.

16 Feb 2022

In the first of a series of Case Study Conversations, we will deep dive into ANZ’s approach to effectively building cultural awareness, why they went down this path, what was achieved and lessons learnt along the way.

09 Dec 2021

What are the experiences of Australian workers when it comes to inclusion?

29 Nov 2021

Join DCA CEO Lisa Annese for a candid chat with two of Australia’s most experienced and passionate diversity and inclusion leaders - Ming Long AM, Chair of the DCA Board and Chris Lamb, Deputy Chair. Each will discuss their leadership journey and reflect on D&I in Australia today and in the coming year.

24 Nov 2021

Statistics show that women experience some mental health conditions at higher rates than men, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD and self-harm. In contrast, men are more likely to suicide. And trans and gender diverse people can experience very high levels of psychological distress and are significantly more likely to attempt suicide.

09 Nov 2021

If you participated in the Inclusion@Work DCA Member Index this webinar will provide guidance on how you can best use and understand your datasets.

26 Oct 2021

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are underrepresented in the Australian workforce and not much is known about the experiences of these women at work that may be driving gender differences in Indigenous employment.

14 Oct 2021

At this Diversity Leadership Program event, we discussed the impact of living and working with a chronic illness and what an accessible and inclusive workplace looks like for employees with these illnesses.

06 Oct 2021

At this Gender Equality Network we will look at the uptake of parental leave by men, why it’s important for gender equality and how employers can make it easier for men to participate.

28 Sep 2021

Australia has much to learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and workplaces are no exception. At this event we will explore personal experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and truths from both a historical and modern perspective and how these untold truths can become barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the workplace.