For these past events, a video or audio recording is available for DCA members. To watch or listen to the recording, click the title of the event.
09 Dec 2021

What are the experiences of Australian workers when it comes to inclusion?

29 Nov 2021

Join DCA CEO Lisa Annese for a candid chat with two of Australia’s most experienced and passionate diversity and inclusion leaders - Ming Long AM, Chair of the DCA Board and Chris Lamb, Deputy Chair. Each will discuss their leadership journey and reflect on D&I in Australia today and in the coming year.

24 Nov 2021

Statistics show that women experience some mental health conditions at higher rates than men, such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD and self-harm. In contrast, men are more likely to suicide. And trans and gender diverse people can experience very high levels of psychological distress and are significantly more likely to attempt suicide.

09 Nov 2021

If you participated in the Inclusion@Work DCA Member Index this webinar will provide guidance on how you can best use and understand your datasets.

26 Oct 2021

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are underrepresented in the Australian workforce and not much is known about the experiences of these women at work that may be driving gender differences in Indigenous employment.

14 Oct 2021

At this Diversity Leadership Program event, we discussed the impact of living and working with a chronic illness and what an accessible and inclusive workplace looks like for employees with these illnesses.

06 Oct 2021

At this Gender Equality Network we will look at the uptake of parental leave by men, why it’s important for gender equality and how employers can make it easier for men to participate.

28 Sep 2021

Australia has much to learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and workplaces are no exception. At this event we will explore personal experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and truths from both a historical and modern perspective and how these untold truths can become barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the workplace.

16 Sep 2021

Allies can play a key role in advocating for inclusion of people from marginalised or underrepresented groups, using their position to counter inequality. But what does good allyship look like in the workplace? How can allies use their privilege to amplify the voices of others to achieve real change?

24 Aug 2021

DCA's #IStandForRespect campaign has been asking Australian CEOs – as leaders and members of DCA – to stand against gendered harassment and violence in all its forms and take steps to address sexual and sex-based harassment. At this event will hear personal accounts from CEOs leading on tackling sexual harassment at work.

18 Aug 2021

Join us as we explore the latest on the gender pay gap and how leading practice organisations are making progress in closing the gap.

29 Jul 2021

DCA has been asking its member CEOs to stand against gendered harassment and violence in all its forms, and commit to taking steps in their organisation to address sexual and sex-based harassment, to make the workplace safe for everyone.

21 Jul 2021

June is Pride Month and is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/gender diverse, intersex and queer community. But what happens after Pride Month?

14 Jul 2021

SANE Australia and a guest panel will discuss managing complex mental ill-health conditions in the workplace.

24 Jun 2021

At this event we will be delving into Reconciliation Australia's ‘2021 State of Reconciliation in Australia report’ and drawing on data from the 2020 Australian Reconciliation Barometer.

09 Jun 2021

Domestic and family violence is a critical issue in the workplace. If an employee is living with, or using, domestic and family violence, it will have an impact on the workplace through absenteeism, presenteeism and the costs of replacement hiring. Not to mention the personal impacts on those people living with family and domestic violence.

03 Jun 2021

At this Diversity Leadership Program event, we will discover how to make workplaces more class-inclusive.

27 May 2021

DCA’s Inclusion@Work Index offers DCA members the opportunity to map and track the state of diversity and inclusion in their workforce benchmarked against leading D&I employers.

18 May 2021

What is the most inclusive and informative way for Australian employers to measure and report on cultural diversity in their workforce and leadership teams?