Partner events

DCA supports a range of external events on diversity & inclusion, and we often negotiate a special discount on event fees for DCA members. 

DCA is currently partnering or supporting the following events:

Diversity Atlas

Cultural Infusion, the platform providers of DCA’s Inclusive Employer Index, are now offering their Diversity Atlas platform to DCA members.  The platform will be featured on a webinar held exclusively for DCA members on October 4 at 2pm AEST. 

DCA members will be taken on a tour through the Diversity Atlas platform – from the survey experience to the dashboard, to the report options, all the way to follow-up workshop and audit packages.  The Diversity Atlas team will explain how Diversity Atlas both measures and maps cultural diversity as well as provides mutuality analysis against customer or community data. 

Diversity Atlas is best suited for organisations above 2,000 staff, and/or organisations with offices both in and outside Australia, and we especially encourage DCA members aligning with this profile to attend.  

The webinar will be hosted by Diversity Atlas CTO Rezza Moieni and Cultural Attaché Quincy Hall with an introduction by Dr. Jane O’Leary from DCA.

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