17 Nov 2015

Diversity Council Australia’s Annual Diversity Debate is now firmly entrenched as Australia’s premier diversity event. Moderated by Tony Jones, one of the ABC's most respected journalists and host of ABC TV's QandA, you will see high profile panelists debating: Is there too much talk and not enough action on diversity?

Sponsored by Clayton Utz
05 Nov 2015

At the next meeting of our Gender Reporting Network, proudly sponsored by Clayton Utz, we will look at barriers to achieving financial gender equity.

Hosted by Stockland
22 Oct 2015

Organisations are increasingly recognising that if they wish to experience the benefits of diversity, they need to cultivate not just a diverse workplace but also an inclusive one. There is also growing recognition that leaders have a critical role to play in achieving this.

Hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright Australia Services Pty Ltd
14 Sep 2015

DCA’s latest research, Leading in the Asian Century: A National Scorecard of Australia’s Workforce Asia Capability, is an Australian first study designed specifically to support Australian organisations to realise the full potential of Asian markets.

Sponsored by CIMIC Group
08 Sep 2015

DCA members are invited to the next meeting of the Building Cultural Capability Network. This network provides members with an opportunity to share insights and challenges on building greater organisational cultural capability.

Hosted by Clayton Utz
03 Aug 2015

At DCA's next Gender Reporting Network, DCA members will have the opportunity to hear from Australia's longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick.

Hosted by Westpac Banking Corporation
21 Jul 2015

We are excited to introduce our newest industry sector network: DCA's Diversity in Technology Network. Members will have the opportunity to share insights, challenges and opportunities for improving diversity in the technology sector.

Hosted by Gilbert + Tobin
15 Jun 2015

DCA’s Diversity Leadership Program is exclusively for DCA members and provides an opportunity to hear the latest on leading practice in workplace diversity – from organisations and from academic and other experts in the field. This forum will explore the impact of family and domestic violence in the workplace, and what employers can do to support and assist their staff.

Hosted by National Australia Bank
14 Apr 2015

Addressing mental health matters in your workplace will not only help to ensure that staff are better supported, it will also contribute to improved productivity and revenue. But what does it take to create a mentally healthy workplace, and are organisations taking advantage of available resources?

26 Mar 2015

Diversity Council Australia is delighted to invite members within the legal sector to attend the next meeting of DCA’s Diversity in the Legal Profession Network. Exclusively for DCA members, this meeting will focus on LGBTI inclusion in the Legal Sector.

Hosted by ANZ Banking Group Limited
05 Mar 2015

There is plenty of evidence to support the business benefits of flexible work. But why is there still so much resistance to it - especially amongst managers? At this event hosted by ANZ, we will explore flexibility resistance and what can be done to address the problem.

Sponsored by Clayton Utz
19 Feb 2015

DCA’s Gender Reporting Network, proudly sponsored by Clayton Utz, is open exclusively to DCA members and is designed to assist them in their preparations to meet reporting requirements on gender and to explore leading practice on gender diversity programs. At the next meeting, we will look at Australia's first gender equality scorecard, preliminary findings from the government's recent consultation on gender reporting as well as profiling of leading practice on gender diversity.

Sponsored by INPEX
18 Nov 2014

Diversity Council Australia and INPEX are delighted to invite you to our Annual Diversity Debate, moderated by Tony Jones, host of ABC TV's Q&A.

Hosted by Gilbert + Tobin
03 Nov 2014

Day-to-day workplace interactions can have a powerful effect on individuals, teams and organisations. Our everyday interactions can build a workplace culture that is either gender-biased or gender-inclusive. At this special event, DCA will explore how bystander interventions can be used to build more gender inclusive workplace cultures. We will particularly consider workplaces with a masculine culture and/or that are male-dominated.

Hosted by ANZ Banking Group Limited
16 Oct 2014

Employing people with disability is not just ‘the right thing to do’, it provides access to an under-utilised and highly capable pool of talent.

So what stops organisations from recruiting and retaining more talent, and developing commercially-focused strategies to engage people with disabilities? And what will it take for us to shift the dial?

Sponsored by Clayton Utz
29 Sep 2014

DCA’s Gender Reporting Network, proudly sponsored by Clayton Utz, is open exclusively to DCA members and is designed to assist them in their preparations to meet reporting requirements on gender and to explore leading practice on gender diversity. The next meeting will discuss pay equity and strategies to eliminate the gender pay gap.

Hosted by Deloitte Australia
11 Aug 2014

In this Asian Century, there is ever more need for organisations to develop and promote leaders from a broad range of cultural backgrounds and who have cultural capabilities. Employees from Asian backgrounds represent a highly skilled and motivated group in Australian workplaces and yet many employers are not fully valuing their talents. DCA’s Cracking the Cultural Ceiling research, to be launched by Race Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Tim Soutphommasane, will examine what organisations need to do to address 'the bamboo ceiling’ and make the most of Asian talent.

Hosted by Australia Post
05 Aug 2014

DCA’s Get Flexible! research has shown that an important next step in mainstreaming flexible working and careers is to integrate flexibility into day-to-day business activities, and into job descriptions, job and work design and teams.

Sponsored by Clayton Utz
26 Jun 2014

DCA’s Gender Reporting Network is open exclusively to DCA members and is designed to assist organisations in their preparations to meet new reporting requirements on gender diversity and associated gender equity programs. At this Gender Reporting Network, we will take a close look at reporting under the Workplace Gender Equality (WGE) Act 2012.

Hosted by Multicultural NSW
17 Jun 2014

DCA's Building Cultural Capability Network provides DCA members with an opportunity to further develop their learning and progress on building cultural capability, and share their personal and organisational insights and challenges with peers across a variety of industries. At our next event hosted by Community Relations Commission For a Multicultural NSW, we will hear from a very interesting panel of organisations who are all having a positive impact on building cultural capability including at work and in the community.