Emerging issues

Diversity is evolving: DCA is continually developing and identifying diversity trends through research and leading practice information. Click on the links below to see areas of diversity that are emerging as practice areas:

  • Violence against women: Employers increasingly play a significant role in supporting and protecting victims of domestic violence in the workplace. Despite the best efforts of many victims to separate their professional or working life from their ‘private’ concerns, the reality is that our work and home spheres often blur. Businesses and employers can take a range of actions to support employees experiencing domestic or family violence. Members click here to read more. 
  • Unconscious bias: The theory of unconscious bias lies in the concept that individuals can have a bias that influences decision making in a manner that the individual is unaware. In other words, day-to-day decisions are informed by stereotypes that an individual is not consciously aware of having. Although not new, this area has seen renewed interest in recent years. Members click here to read more.
  • Supplier diversity: This practice encourages the use of historically underutilised minority vendors (such as women, LGBT or Indigenous groups) as suppliers. It also refers to programs that meet requirements to source external products and services from organisations that are diversity responsible or who meet certain diversity specifications (e.g. principles of non-discrimination and EEO). Australian organisations have not yet focused on this area of diversity to the extent that organisations in the US and Europe have. Members click here to read more.
  • Social media and diversity: DCA believes social media can be good for diversity in the workplace, provided employers use sensible risk management strategies. Members click here to read more.

Keep an eye on this page as more is coming soon.

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