DCA welcomes the announcement of fully subsidised childcare for essential workers

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Diversity Council Australia (DCA) has today welcomed the Government’s announcement that childcare would be fully subsidised for essential workers.

“Diversity Council Australia strongly supports the Government’s move to make childcare free for essential workers,” DCA CEO Lisa Annese said.

“Early childhood education is critical for parents and children. Making it free at this time for essential workers will enhance the ability of all those workers to continue to do important work, as well as ensure the ongoing viability of Australia’s early childhood sector.

“We also know that access to quality, affordable early childhood education and care is critical to improving gender equality. Last year, DCA released the Let’s Share the Care report, that demonstrated the impact of women overwhelmingly undertaking the bulk of unpaid care in families has on the gender pay gap.

“In that report, we called on the Government to improve access to and affordability of childcare, and, while we wish it was under better circumstances, we are pleased to see that the Government has understood the importance of this sector.

“We want to congratulate the Government for this important announcement and thank them for making this essential service available for free to all those incredible workers assisting with Australia’s response to this global pandemic,” said Lisa.

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