Diversity Council Australia debunks ‘African gangs’ narrative as new podcast is released

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Does the South Sudanese community commit more crime than their fellow Australians? Is Melbourne really in the throes of ‘African gang’ violence?

The answer, definitively, is no, according to a statement issued by Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

The statement, timed to coincide with the release of a ground-breaking new podcast, moves the African gangs debate beyond words and speculation to facts, reporting that:

The data accompanies DCA’s flagship new production, The Art of Inclusion.

The first episode in the new six-part series features South Sudanese-born lawyer and activist Nyadol Nyuon. In it, she reflects on the human toll behind the African gangs headlines.

“Words are so important,” she said. “Someone who is just writing a newspaper cannot know the consequences that flow through the Sudanese community. The consequences of heightened discrimination at workplaces, for example. Or the harassment we get on the street because people treat Sudanese or Africans as a lump.

“All this because of words, and the hate they can generate.”

The Art of Inclusion podcast will address some of the most important issues facing Australian workplaces and society today, and feature the big names associated with them.

As well as Nyadol, stories from journalist Tracey Spicer, MP Linda Burney, and former Paralympian Annabelle Williams all feature. Race relations expert Tim Soutphommasane and Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins provide expert comment, alongside other leading thinkers in Australia.

The series itself will deal with everything from gender to mental health and disability, through to inclusion of LGBTIQ+ and Indigenous communities.

DCA CEO Lisa Annese said: “This podcast has its finger on the pulse of the key issues facing Australian workplaces and society today.

“And not only does it address these big issues, it attempts to offer solutions, so we don’t take our nation’s cohesion and progress for granted in times that, quite frankly, offer plenty to be worried about.

“Anyone who cares about Australian society must listen to this podcast, and be part of the solution.”

About the Art of Inclusion

The Art of Inclusion peers into the lives of fascinating people, whose stories shed light on the wider social issues facing Australia, and the world.

We flip the script on who we include, who we don’t, and how we can do better in everything from gender, race, mental health and disability, through to the inclusion of LGBTQI+ and Indigenous communities. 

Over six episodes, we will hear the stories of politicians, journalists, athletes and executives.

Experts and policy makers score their incredible stories with advice on how to master The Art of Inclusion.

The podcast is available on  iTunes, Spotify, Whooshkaa and all good podcast players.  

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