One transgender executive’s success story defies a dark trend for the LGBTIQ+ community

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Imagine transitioning gender at work. Going through a second puberty, with deadlines and professional demands piled on top. Imagine navigating communal spaces, as both a man and a woman, and communicating that change to the wider world, never mind the workforce.

These are just some of the insights being shared by Aram Hosie – a transgender executive and member of Victoria’s LGBTIQ Taskforce, who this week is speaking publically about his success story as part of Diversity Council Australia’s (DCA) new podcast series, The Art of Inclusion

Aram’s insights are especially important in light of the recent DCA report, Out at Work: From Prejudice to Pride, which revealed that trans and gender diverse people are the members of the LGBTIQ+ community least likely to be out at work.

Aram’s story dents this dark trend and addresses the hot-button issues that need addressing; talking about everything from bathrooms to pronouns.

“Certainly, when I was first transitioning, every time someone would use the correct pronoun it was really affirming and exciting. Someone would call me, "Sir," and I had to control myself, not beaming and being super happy about that,” he said.   

“I can also remember the times that I accessed the men's bathroom and it's a little bit like you're a spy, you know? Like, what’s the etiquette?  How do I navigate kind of the space, while feeling like I’m going to get sprung?”

Aram Hosie, transgender advocate and executive is available for interview from 11 – 14 September.

Media contact: Diane Falzon, 0430 596 699, Catherine Petterson, 0419 447 331.

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