Black Lives Matter and ways to make genuine progress on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workplace inclusion

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Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney. Thanks to Jacky Zeng for sharing their work on Unsplash.

The US Black Lives Matter movement has resonated painfully across Australia, shining a light on the continued injustices and inequalities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in our society.

DCA has been receiving many enquiries from members and organisations overseas who want to take action against discrimination and inequalities within their own ‘backyards’.

How can we ensure that this moment in time does not pass by without genuine progress in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workplace inclusion?

Educate yourself and your organisation on Indigenous history and current issues. As the experts on their own culture, ensuring Indigenous ownership of initiatives made about and for them, will produce more authentic outcomes. See ANTaR's Reading list.

To turn good intentions into measurable goals the first step for organisations is to contact Reconciliation Australia and establish a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). DCA's RAP is available to view here

Over many years DCA has developed a substantial range of resources on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion. Visit the link to explore topics such as:

  • The business case – creating sustainable employment opportunities
  • Key issues – what does true Reconciliation mean?
  • Leading practice principles – appropriate acknowledgement in policy and practice
  • Surveying and benchmarks – collecting accurate data on identity
  • Inclusive language – appropriate language to use in the workplace
  • Toolkits – culture, employment, reconciliation and language
  • Case studies – examples of successful organisational approaches
  • DCA research insights.    

DCA’s Counting Culture report recommends recognising Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Australians’ unique position when capturing cultural diversity in your organisation.

The Gari Yala Survey now underway is driven by, and for, Indigenous people and will capture the employment experiences of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workers across Australia.

DCA has a substantial library of past event recordings as well as upcoming events on many facets of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion.

Our Learning Programs which are developed from evidence-based research address preventing bias and discrimination in the workplace and can be customised to reflect current global issues that may be of concern to your employees.

DCA's Building Workplace Capability for Indigenous Australia Network focuses on building workplaces that make the most of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent. BAE Systems Australia is the sponsor for this network. 

Perspectives is a diverse range of curated content featuring Indigenous voices to better understand the workplace experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

With a DCA Membership, every employee in your organisation is enabled and empowered to learn about Indigenous culture and contribute to a more inclusive work environment for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Contact DCA on [email protected] if you have questions on any of the above information.

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