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We are excited to announce two new Knowledge Programs designed for diversity and HR practitioners as well as business leaders and line managers.

Diversity Council Australia’s suite of Knowledge Programs educate and engage your team on current diversity and inclusion (D&I) topics, guiding them through some of the biggest challenges facing the modern workplace.

The programs are highly interactive and grounded in DCA’s latest research. Our experienced staff will deliver them to your team at your office. Our new programs include:

Engaging men on gender equality

  • Gender inequalities are everywhere and are built into the systems and structures of our workplaces and also carried out by men and women at work.
  • How men think, behave, and how they relate to women and to other men, all play an important part in keeping gender inequalities alive.  Men have a vital role to play in building a world of gender equality – many already are doing so. And there is much more that men can do.

  • In partnership with Dr Graeme Russell and Dr Michael Flood, two of Australia’s leading researchers in D&I, DCA has developed a new knowledge program drawn from our research, Men Make a Difference: Engaging Men on Gender Equality
  • This program examines the evidence for what works and what doesn’t, and recommends more effective ways to engage men to achieve gender equality at work.

Download more information on the program.

Cracking the glass-cultural ceiling 

  • Australian organisations with culturally and gender-balanced leadership teams are well positioned to thrive in today’s diverse and complex operating environments. Industry research shows that leadership teams that are gender balanced and have a good mix of people from different cultural backgrounds drive firm performance. 
  • Although organisations are increasingly investing in building culturally diverse and gender balanced leadership profiles, culturally diverse women are notably under-represented in leadership ranks, both here in Australia and internationally.
  • This program utilises DCA’s latest research findings to explore why culturally diverse female talent is “locked out” of leadership positions in Australia and provides practical tools for participants to “unlock” that talent with a framework for action.

Download more information on the program.

Bookings are now open for these and other DCA Knowledge Programs in 2018. For more information or to book these programs, email us on [email protected].

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